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When will packages go on sale?

Phish: Riviera Maya packages go on sale Thursday, April 28th at 1pm ET.

Is there a payment plan for these packages?

Yes! All Phish: Riviera Maya packages require 60% deposit down, followed by payments of 10% each on May 16, June 16, July 16, and August 16. If you purchase after a payment date has passed, you will be asked to pay all previous installments at once.

Can more than one credit card be used to purchase a package?

No. Only one credit card can be used throughout the payment plan for each package.

How come there aren’t any jokes with the phrase “nice package”?

Felt a little easy.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

No, airfare is not included. However, accommodations, food and drink, shuttles to and from Cancún International Airport are provided, as well as shuttle transportation between your resort and the concert venue if you are staying at a property other than the Barceló.

Will any additional fees be added on top of the listed package prices?

There will be no additional ticketing fees on top of the prices you see listed on our Book Now page. Additionally, all Phish: Riviera Maya packages offer an all-inclusive experience within the concert venue all 3 nights. Please note, your resorts may offer certain amenities that are not included in your package price and require extra charges. These may include spa treatments, offsite adventures, special food options and minibar.

Can I purchase additional nights at my resort?

While booking your package, you will have the opportunity to purchase an additional night (or two!), depending on availability and the specific package you’re purchasing. The additional night add-on will appear after you’ve added your package to your cart but before you have completed the check-out process. If you book an additional night through us, we will make sure you stay in the same room for the duration of your stay.

There are certain dates that can only be purchased as additional nights for specific packages. Below is a list of each room-type and the corresponding additional nights that will be available to add-on for them, availability permitting.

Barceló Resort & Palace:

  • 4 Night Barceló Superior Room Packages: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16.
  • 4 Night Barceló Club Premium Jr. Suite Packages: No Additional Nights Available
  • 4 Night Barceló Club Premium Executive Suite Packages: No Additional Nights Available
  • 4 Night Barceló Palace Jr. Suites: No Additional Nights Available
  • 5 Night Barceló Superior Room Packages (Wed-Sun): Tuesday, 1/10.
  • 5 Night Barceló Superior Room Packages (Thurs-Mon): Tuesday, 1/17
  • 5 Night Barceló Premium Jr. Suite Packages (Wed-Sun): Tuesday, 1/10
  • 5 Night Barceló Premium Jr. Suite Packages (Thurs-Mon): Tuesday, 1/17
  • 5 Night Barceló Premium Executive One Bedroom Suite Packages (Wed-Sun): Tuesday, 1/10
  • 5 Night Barceló Premium Executive One Bedroom Suite Packages (Thurs-Mon): Tuesday, 1/17
  • 5 Night Barceló Palace Jr. Suites (Wed-Sun): Tuesday, 1/10
  • 5 Night Barceló Palace Jr. Suites (Thurs-Mon): Tuesday, 1/17

Hard Rock Hotel: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages
Dreams Tulum: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages
Fairmont Mayakoba: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages
Grand Velas: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages
Secrets Akumal: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages
Banyan Tree Mayakoba: Wednesday, 1/11, and Monday, 1/16, are available for all packages

Will tickets to the show be available without purchasing a resort package?

Tickets for Phish: Riviera Maya concerts cannot be purchased separately. Admission to the events will only be available for those who purchase the entire package through www.phishrivieramaya.com.

Are name changes allowed for a package purchase? I’ve always wanted to be known as “Angie.”

No. If you wish to purchase a Phish: Riviera Maya package as a gift for someone else, you MUST enter the recipient’s name into the “Will Call/Pick-Up” fields on the billing info page during the purchase process. No name changes can be made after purchase has been completed.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes. However, the rules and pricing at each Phish: Riviera Maya resort are a little bit different. Please see the “Family Rooms” section for complete pricing, details and additional information.

You can only buy one family plan per package purchased. Please check this children's occupancy grid and make sure you choose a package that allows you to bring your desired family members. To check out pricing for children older than infants, please click HERE .

When you purchase your package, you will be prompted with options to add your children for an additional, discounted fee; options available will depend on the room type you’ve chosen as outlined in the occupancy grid above.

Every resort allows infants at no additional cost (except for Secrets Akumal which is adults only), but each one has their own age range. Please review the details below if you plan to bring children:

  • Barceló Resort:  Children under 2 years old are free
  • Dreams Tulum:  Children under 3 years old are free
  • Fairmont Mayakoba: Children under 5 years old are free
  • The Hard Rock:  Children under 4 years old are free
  • Banyan Tree Mayakoba: Children under 4 years old are free
  • Grand Velas: Children under 4 years old are free
  • Secrets Akumal: All guests must be 18 years or older

Can I bring your kids?


What documentation do I need to travel?

If traveling from outside of Mexico—including all guests coming from the U.S.—you must have a valid passport; there are NO exceptions for this. Even if you are an Oscar-winning actor coming to interview an infamous drug lord for a once-reputable music magazine. Mexico has VERY specific passport requirements that all visitors must abide by. Please review these important requirements HERE.

We encourage you to PLEASE check your passport ASAP and make sure that it’s up to date, as there can be delays and extra costs associated with trying to obtain a passport last-minute. To look into getting a new U.S. Passport, or renewing an old one, please click HERE.

How far is my resort from Cancún International Airport?

  • The Fairmont and Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resorts are 48 km or approximately 38 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • Grand Velas is 51 km or approximately 41 minutes by shuttle bus
  • The Hard Rock is 74 km or approximately 55 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • The Barceló resort, where the venue is located, is 80 km or approximately an hour by shuttle bus.
  • Secrets Akumal is 91 km or approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • The Dreams Tulum is 111 km or approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes by shuttle bus

How far is Cleveland from Cincinnati?

About four hours, depending on traffic.

Is transportation to and from the airport included?

Yes, all guests will be transported safely and comfortably upon arrival at Cancún International Airport. Shuttles from the airport are included in each Phish: Riviera Maya package. Our Guest Services staff will coordinate travel arrangements with all purchasers to ensure that they are in good hands immediately upon arrival. Please note: shuttle access is only included to and from Cancún International Airport; no other airports or locations in the area will be serviced.

How often will shuttles run from Cancún International Airport (CUN) to the resorts? How often will they run from the resort to CUN after the event is over?

We will reach out to all guests for their arrival and departure flight information before the event to ensure a smooth transportation experience.

What time is the show?

Doors: 6pm // Show: 7:30pm

How far is my resort from the music venue?

Performances will take place on site at the Barceló Maya Beach resort. Official Phish: Riviera Maya shuttles will transport guests from our other partner resorts to the Barceló:

  • The Hard Rock is 5 km or approximately 7 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • Secrets Akumal is 18 km or approximately 15 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • The Fairmont, and Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resorts are 34 km or approximately 30 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • The Grand Velas is 36 km or approximately 35 minutes by shuttle bus.
  • The Dreams Tulum is 38 km or approximately 35 minutes by shuttle bus.

Can we check in early to the resort? Will the resort hold our bags if our room isn’t ready? I want to start relaxing ASAP!

The resorts’ standard check-in times apply for our packages. Check-in time is often not guaranteed until 3 PM or 4 PM. However, the resorts have assured us that they will do everything in their power to prepare rooms for check-in as early as possible. If you arrive before your room is available, we will be happy to provide you with your wristbands, merchandise and resort credentials so that you can enjoy the resort amenities and relax as your room is being prepared.

What special activities are planned besides music?

There will be no shortage of exciting and diverse activities to enjoy at each Phish: Riviera Maya resort, as well as out and about in the local area. For off-site trips, please explore our Off-Site Adventures section. Additional on-site activities and events will be announced as the event nears. Stay tuned for more info.

If I buy a package for four, how many rooms are included?

Every available Phish: Riviera Maya package includes ONE room at your chosen resort. If you purchase a package for four, the package includes ONE room with TWO beds.

Can I purchase a Phish: Riviera Maya package outside of the event website?

No, all packages MUST be purchased through www.phishrivieramaya.com. Do not purchase from an outside provider or ticket agent; packages purchased through outside providers will NOT be honored.

Is there an age restriction for the event?

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to purchase a package. Guests seventeen (17) years of age or younger may attend the event at full price ONLY if accompanied by their parents or legal guardian (with valid proof of such) at all times. No one over the age of one hundred and twelve (112) is allowed into the event.

For pricing & more information about bringing your kids to Phish: Riviera Maya, please see our “Family Rooms” section.

Is parking provided at the resorts?

Yes, you can park at your resort. However, you may not park at the Barceló for the event if you are not a registered guest at that resort. If you are staying at one of our other resorts, you must ride a Phish: Riviera Maya shuttle to the show, or arrange for your own private transportation to pick you up and drop you off. A reminder: round-trip shuttle transportation WILL be available for all Phish: Riviera Maya guests between Cancun International Airport and your resort, as well as to and from the Barceló for the concerts – provided you are staying at one of our other resorts.

Is there a dress code?

There are no specific dress guidelines for the resorts or concert venue area, but some resort restaurants do have dress codes. For more information, please refer to your resort’s website.

Is there a Da Vinci code?

Meet me at the Depository Bank of Zurich and I will explain all.

What do you suggest for an international phone plan or alternative communication?

Each phone network has unique options; we suggest checking with your service provider for specific choices. Each resort has Wi-Fi available for purchase, so laptops and smartphones can provide inexpensive alternatives for calling including Skype and Viber.

What do you suggest for dinner?

I’m thinking Mexican.

Do I need an outlet converter?

No, all of our partner resorts have conversion outlets already built in to accommodate American plugs.

Is there laundry service?

All partner resorts provide laundry services, though the costs vary for each resort.

Can I make room proximity requests?

Yes, of course. If you would like to have your room in close proximity to another party’s room, please be sure to book at the same resort and submit your request to our Guest Services department. We will do our best to accommodate.

Can I pay with U.S. currency at the resort?

Yes, all resorts accept U.S. currency, as do most restaurants, bars and shops in the surrounding area.

My friends attending the concerts with me may be arriving late. How can they check in at the resort and receive their tickets and merchandise?

It is absolutely no problem for guests in the same party to arrive separately. Phish: Riviera Maya staff will be available throughout the event to accommodate guests and their needs. All arrival plans will be coordinated in advance with our Guest Services team to ensure that guests are transported from the airport to their resort, and receive all event items during a smooth check-in upon arrival at the resort.

We will be in touch to request travel information prior to the event. We will initially contact the original purchaser with details on how to register each of the guests in their party, so all guests can provide travel details. All guests can arrive whenever is convenient for them.

If we stay at a resort besides the Barceló, will there be complimentary food and drink available when we arrive at the concerts each night?

Absolutely, all Phish: Riviera Maya guests will be greeted with a fantastic variety of food and drink options within the venue area, all included in your package price.

What if I change my mind and don’t want my package any longer?

All of our packages are non-refundable. Please refer to the Purchase Policy  for complete details.

Will I have an amazing time?


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