Explore the best of Mexico’s stunning natural treasures and rich ancient history during your trip with Dead & Company.
Please note that space for each excursion is extremely limited. Off-site adventures are completely optional and transportation is included for all. Adventures must be reserved separately through the Guest Dashboard.
first entry

- Email is sent to all guests with links to each days virtual queue. 

- We determine how many people we think can participate (i think 300 roughly per day) 

- Guests will sign up with the option to add a +1. 

- Once they have signed up they will get an email confirmation.

- Once the system is closed everyone will automatically be emailed a QR code, queue number, directions to entry point, and any additional info we want to add (prohibited items, towel policy, etc) 

- Upon arrival at the beach entrance security staff will need to help organize the line and ensure everyone is in order. 

- At the proper time we will start the entry process as we have done in years past. 



- when can guests expect the initial email?

- when does the system close?

- Does the line queue start at 7 and that's when guests should arrive at the entrance by?